RibLoc® U Plus Chest Wall Plating System

RibLoc® U Plus Chest Wall Plating System

RibLoc® U Plus represents an evolutionary step forward, dramatically improving the way  we address challenging rib fractures. RibLoc® U Plus weaves together technology, experience, patient needs and surgeon feedback in developing a solution that is efficient, versatile, and customizable to each patient and situation. The U-shape plates retain their stability better than anterior plating.1 READ MORE

U shaped Plate- RibLoc Rib Fracture Plating System

RibLoc Rib Fracture Plating System

ACUTE Innovations has designed a comprehensive system of implants and instruments specifically designed to fit the ribs anatomy. The RibLoc Rib Fracture Plating System addresses flail chest, acute fractures, chest wall deformities, and rib fracture non unions. 

  • Studies have shown that stabilizing rib fractures reduce Intubation time, ICU stay, hospital length of stay, hospital costs, and complications such as pneumonia (see sources-Tanaka et all, Bulger et all, Nirula et all).
  • Results from a biomechanical comparison proved that RibLoc (4.6cm & 4 screws) retained superior stability with only a 2% loss of stiffness compared to a 10% loss of stiffness with standard (10cm & 6 screw) anterior plate (see source- Sales et all).
AcuTie II Sternal Closure System

AcuTie II Sternal Closure System

The AcuTie II ® Sternum Closure System's revolutionary design encompasses the simplicity of standard wire cerclage while providing increased compression, stability in multiple planes, lateral protection, and straightforward installation—all at a reduced cost.

BioBridge Resorbable Chest Wall Stabilization Plate

BioBridge Chest Wall Reconstruction Plate

The BioBridge® Resorbable Chest Wall Stabilization Plate is the only resorbable plate specifically designed with the chest wall in mind. The plate's polylactide acid blend offers strength that exceeds typical chest wall loading and a resorption time that exceeds typically rib healing time. The mixture of 70% L-lactide and 30% DL-lactide is fully metabolized within 18-24 months through hydrolysis.

  • Flexible to match the curvature of the rib
  • Easily customize the plate by stacking or trimming it
  • Plates strength withstands the forces of the body while allowing a semi-rigid fixation


1. Sales JR, Ellis TJ, Gillard J, Liu Q. Chen JC, Ham B, Mayberry JC. Biomechanical testing of a novel, minimally invasive rib fracture plating system. J Trauma 2008; 64:1270–1274.

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ACUTE Innovations® looks to position itself as a leader in the medical device field by providing innovative product solutions to surgeons and their patients for challenging thoracic procedures.

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